Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

All systems go in the Arctic

Monday August 11th 2008. Posted: 11:19



The team is putting the final touches to the network


The BT team building a network in the Arctic in support of the Territorial Army’s (TA’s) centenary expedition is now seeing its efforts pay off.


Members of the company’s emergency response team (ERT) working on the project in Greenland have been putting in long hours in difficult conditions to meet the deadline to connect the expedition’s camps.



High points above the Fjord


With the equipment in place at sites along the 90km Eternity fjord, the focus has been on solving power issues, getting the network up and running - and ensuring its stability.


Team member Mark Ward said: “Rob Smith and Nigel Baker are currently finishing off work up the fjord and Kirk Humphries - he’s BT but attached to us with his TA hat on - is sorting out the teething troubles with the UK server access.


“With the army expedition teams now deploying, timing is looking to be okay to get their pictures and other communications back to the UK.”


Members of the pan-BT 24-strong ERT have been split into five teams to successively work on the project alongside the TA as part of the army’s Exercise Midnight Sun.


BT is providing, installing and maintaining the infrastructure as well as sponsoring the expedition, which involves 82 personnel from the Royal Signals who will tackle mountaineering, sea kayaking and sailing.


While the BT team has been keeping a wary eye out for polar bears, it’s something a little smaller that’s really been causing problems for the engineers.


“Mosquitoes and blackflies have been very prevalent,” said Mark. “Thankfully they seem to be becoming less so - hopefully by the time team five deploys they'll all be gone.”


Reproduced from BT Today