Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

Arctic team up and running
Friday July 25th 2008. Posted: 13:02


The first engineers from BT’s emergency response team (ERT) to arrive in Greenland to support the Territorial Army’s (TA’s) centenary expedition have already started to build the network connecting the camps.


Alastair Carruthers, head of the ERT - who is leading the first dispatch - said: “The communications equipment arrived on cue after a three-week journey by sea. And, after a hectic unloading phase, we’ve hired two of the small containers the kit was shipped in and these will serve as store rooms for the duration of the expedition.”



The BT team has started work on building the network connecting the camps


He said the team has already erected a satellite phone remote aerial on the military mast adjacent to the base camp, which will also hold the microwave antennas for the network - which will span the 90km Eternity fjord.

The base camp is in a settlement with a population of around 400 in west Greenland called Kangaamuit, where the combined BT and TA advance teams are now staying.
They are living in the house of a local called Regina. Alastair said: “The good news is that it far exceeds our expectations - having beds for nine and including a washing machine.”

However, Alastair has urged other engineers going out to take eye masks. “It’s light all the time which makes sleeping difficult,” he said.


Reproduced from BT Today