Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

ERT breaks up Arctic network

Thursday August 28th 2008. Posted: 12:30



Five installations are being dismantled Work has started on dismantling the internet protocol network BT engineers built in the Arctic in support of the Territorial Armyís centenary expedition, which has now finished.


Five members of BTís emergency response team (ERT) landed in Greenland at the weekend to begin dismantling the five installations spread out along a 90km fjord and loading it all into a boat.



The BT team has started tearing down the network.


Roy Brooksbank, Chris Turner and Susan Wilkie of Openreach, and Rob Heslop of BT Operate - led by George Johnson of BT Group engineering services - are the fifth and final despatch from the ERT to the Arctic.



Fifteen other members who were involved in setting up and running the network have already returned to the UK.


Alastair Carruthers, head of the ERT, said: “I’ve spoken to the team members on a video call and I could see they were tired but in good spirits.


“It’s very physically challenging and they’re doing a lot of leg work. When we built the network, there were two teams to help out as there was also the technical work to do.


“They’re feeling the cold now the temperature’s dropped but this means they haven’t got to contend with the midges or mosquitoes - and now it’s got darker they’ve seen the Northern Lights.


“Once they’ve finished dismantling the kit, they’ll be cleaning it and sorting it. They have to get absolutely everything packed away and ready to go by Monday when it will be shipped back to the UK - so they’re under pressure but on track to complete the job.”


Reproduced from BT Today