Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

Base Camp News


18 August 2008



The weekend saw all the members of Exercise Midnight Sun congregate for the first ever time.  The sailors from Adventure and the kayakers and mountaineers from Eternity Ford all descended on Kangaamiut to meet the phase 2 participants who had arrived the day before.  That evening everyone headed to the Dance Hall for an evening of entertainment with about 60 of the locals.  After an incredible feast of whale, reindeer, musk ox very generously provided by the locals from their own winter stores, and range stew courtesy of the British Army, various individuals and groups got up on stage to perform a mixture of songs and jokes.  All were completely upstaged though by the locals who sang three beautiful songs, harmonies and all. 


After a night on the local sports centre floor the phase 2 kayakers and mountaineers headed for Tassy Bay camp, Adventure set sail for UK, whilst phase 1 headed for Maniitsoq and aeroplanes home.


Group 2Since the party, there’s been a shift in the weather.  It’s cooled down and the rain has started.  And not stopped.  However, despite this, all mountaineering groups have now deployed to their advance base camp locations and are starting to plan the next few days’ adventures.  Some groups have already blogged their first few days which you can see via the normal links.  The kayakers are busy sorting out equipment and waiting for a break in the weather.  Apparently it’s due to get better…….