Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

Base Camp News


19th July 2008 - Arrival in Greenland!


After nearly two years of planning and not a little stress the big day finally arrived. Stu McHenery (exped QM), Kev King (comms expert and kayaker) and I (John HW, exped leader) departed Blighty on 17th July and arrived in Copenhagen a couple of hours later, unfortunately minus Kev’s hold baggage.  Whilst this is a little frustrating for Kev as he only has the clothing he is standing up in, it is even more disconcerting for Stu and I as he will be quite ripe by the end of 4 weeks if his clothing does not arrive!  It’s a good job we have spare clothing packed in the container. More frustrating though is the fact that his baggage contains electronic equipment that will help us monitor the power status of the Ex comms system.  We are hopeful that the airline baggage tracking system will spark and that his bag will arrive in a day or two.  maniitsoq


Apart from that minor glitch things are going well! We spent part of yesterday evening at a quayside bistro in an area called Nyhavn, in Copenhagen, where we had some good food and watched the world (including lots of tall, blonde, very attractive Scandinavian ladies) go by, to the backdrop of tall ships and street acrobats, all whilst listening to the sound track of a busking Jazz quartet – its not a bad life.
maniitsoqOur arrival in Kangerlussuaq could not have been much better.  The sun was beating down through a stunning azure sky; if this is the sign of things to come then all bodes well.  After a couple of hours loafing around the drab Cold War airbase it was off to Maniitsoq where we were met by the whirlwind that is Kai Dastrup, our Greenlandic contact and artic outfitter.  After catching up on nearly a year’s worth of news we were whisked off to Kai’s office which will now be home for the next 4 days.  I then took Stu and Kev on a whistle stop tourist tour of Maniitsoq all completed within the hour; the highlights of the tour being the views looking south along the west coast and the sight of a Baleen Whale in the bay.  All in all it has been a fantastic way to start the Expedition, missing baggage aside. We are all now feeling a little jaded what with the time difference and a very early start this morning.


Tomorrow it’s a long round of meeting with local dignitaries, police, hospitals etc., to ensure that all that need to know, know that we are here and what we are all going to be up to; I will let you know how it goes. 


John HW