Exercise Midnight Sun - Greenland 2008

6th August 2008 (Day 2)


10aug08In a rather “Monty Pythonesque” moment Paul and Charlie were overheard bemoaning the fact of having had to endure a second day in Greenland up a murky creek without a paddle …or indeed kayaks, or spraydecks.  Thankfully, contrary to the growing belief that we would have to go another day without boats, the group’s kayaks arrived at 2100 hrs.  Charlie was horrified to discover that he would only fit in one of the pink kayaks….”.  I don’t do bl**dy pink!” he was heard to mutter.


The climbing parties were treated to the dulcet tones of Judy “Tokyo Rose” Dunn’s voice procedure as she provided a radio stag throughout the afternoon.  Later, she was seen to be running between the campsites as she delivered food parcels to the admin staff – she was heard to say “did you want fries with that?”   


Apart from being allowed to light the odd stove and fetch water no one has been able to get a look in the kitchen. Carol Cheyne reigns supreme wielding an extremely large and vicious looking plastic Spork so much so that the cooking area is now known as “Carol’s Kitchen”.  Jamie Oliver’s concoctions pale into insignificance compared to Carol’s culinary offerings…most of us have never had couscous, beans, anchovies and fresh fruit pudding….she informed us that we would love it and so far no of us have dared contradict her…although Paul did look a tad green.


Paul Rodenhurst has scared Sarah Shambrook for life after she accidentally spotted him twelve times in as many minutes through her binoculars having a “full monty” wash in the fjord.  His efforts to re-bond with Sarah were somewhat spoilt when he let fly with an enormous sneeze that completely pebble-dashed the inside of his anti mossi headnet.


10aug08The group was a tad worried to find Kev King’s sleeping bag empty but still warm this morning.  It appeared that Kev had disappeared in the early hours wearing his underpants outside his trousers muttering something about an important mission.  Concern that he may in fact be suffering from some latitude induced personality crisis was reinforced as he appeared on the airwaves throughout the day in various pseudonyms such as “Ice Camp Kev”, “Macgyver”, “BT Kev” and “Zodiac Kev”.  The group is rather hoping that the real Kev will emerge from this schizophrenic existence in time to join them to do some kayaking tomorrow.


Scottie McDonald as the team medic has been on a constant high ever since being given a rucksack full of medical supplies and drugs worthy of a small hospital.  He has been seen waiting and watching, like one of the vultures out of Jungle Book, for someone to do themselves an injury so that he can bring the full range of his medical training and enormous quantities of drugs to bear on the unsuspecting patient.  We are thinking of asking him to sign an undertaking that the “patient” must at least first complain of feeling unwell before he conducts any surgery or intubations.


Pete Richardson deployed to Igimasaq to conduct a recce for the Kayak trip we hope to conduct up into the fjord later this week.  His phlegmatic and understated comment that “the crossing looked interesting” did nothing to install confidence in the group as they settle down for their “last supper”